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Intestinal Rehabilitation

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and intestinal transplant are not the only treatment options for gastrointestinal disorders. Many people may be candidates for state-of-the-art rehabilitative techniques, without ever needing intestinal transplantation.

At UPMC's Gastrointestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Program, our surgeons, gastroenterologists, intensivists, pharmacists, and dietitians work together to provide you with the most advanced treatments available.

Intestinal rehabilitation can include nutritional, medical, or surgical techniques to enhance your quality of life. It also allows many people to enjoy a normal, oral diet without the need for intravenous or enteral (tube feeding) nutrition.

Recent data have proven that early referral helps with successful intestinal rehabilitation outcomes.

Who's a Candidate for Intestinal Rehabilitation?

People with all types of gastrointestinal disorders may qualify for intestinal rehab without the need for transplant.

You may be a candidate for intestinal rehab if you have intestinal failure due to short bowel syndrome caused by:

  • End stage Crohn’s disease
  • Abdominal visceral disorders
  • Complex abdominal pathology
  • Vascular occlusion
  • Abdominal trauma
  • Gastric bypass surgery complications
  • Other gut disorders

The team at the Gastrointestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Program will evaluate you and form an intestinal rehab treatment plan that meets your personal needs.

We will also discuss and provide you with UPMC's resources for caregivers and family members.

Make an Appointment or Refer a Patient

Contact the Gastrointestinal Rehabilitation and Transplant Program by:

  • Phone at 1-877-640-6746 or 412-647-5800.
  • Our physician referral line at 1-800-544-2500.
  • Email at