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Tim McAllister: Lymphedema

Tim McAllister began having painful bouts of swelling in his right leg every few years since high school. After the birth of his first child, he began to struggle with his weight, which complicated the swelling even more.

“Until now, I thought it was something I just had to live with,” Tim said. His condition went undiagnosed for over 10 years, until Tim met with his primary care physician, Dr. Kevin Fritz, who believed it might be lymph related condition. Dr. Fritz suggested physical therapy for lymphedema at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.

Tim explained that the lymphedema would flair up at bad times.

“I was frustrated and pretty stressed out about it.”

Lymphedema is swelling in an arm or leg caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system. Shannon Thompson, PTA at the South Hills location, explained the details of this condition to Tim.

“Shannon broke it down for me. I felt empowered and knowledgeable about my body,” Tim said.

The team was very thorough when it came to Tim’s treatment.

“I never felt rushed or like a number. I was properly informed every step of the way,” Tim said. “It feels good to have gotten the assistance that I needed because it has made such a big difference. Now I can check this off my list and move on in my life, to get more active and physically fit.”

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