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Facial Nerve Center

The Facial Nerve Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., one of the area’s most experienced centers for treating facial nerve disorders, provides evaluation and treatment for all types of facial paralyses caused by injury or disease of the facial nerve or muscles.

Conditions We Treat

The center treats a wide variety of facial nerve disorders, including:

Diagnosing Facial Nerve Disorders

Diagnostic methods include an automated facial analysis that provides a:

  • Continuous tracking of points on the moving face
  • Quantitative measure of facial motion and the effects of treatments of facial palsy

Treatments for Facial Nerve Disorders

Common treatments for facial nerve disorders include:

Because facial paralysis conditions vary significantly for each person and may be difficult to manage, the doctors will discuss with you the range of results that can expect from these treatments.

Research on Facial Nerve Disorders

Our experts are actively involved in cutting-edge research efforts, including continued investigations of the factors affecting blood flow in flaps and new strategies for treating facial nerve disorders.

Our Facial Nerve Disorder Experts

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Facial Nerve Center

Falk Medical Building
Sixth Floor, Suite 6B
3601 Fifth Avenue
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