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How UPMC is Keeping You Safe

How UPMC Keeps You Safe When Getting Care

UPMC remains committed to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. We are taking every step to keep our patients, staff, and communities safe.

As we continue to offer medically necessary care in our hospitals and facilities, our commitment to safety remains. If you need to visit UPMC for an procedure or treatment, our goal is that you can do so safely.

We are taking several steps in our facilities to make sure our patients, workers, and others stay safe:

Expanded Testing

UPMC developed a test for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and began using it in March to diagnose select people with symptoms. We now will offer testing to all patients who visit our hospitals for treatment, even if they aren't showing symptoms. Testing will occur before treatment. We also will continue to test symptomatic patients and staff. We also are working on a test for COVID-19 antibodies for use by patients and staff.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have enough supplies of masks, gowns, gloves, and other PPE to keep people safe. Our hospitals have enough capacity and equipment to treat patients.

High-quality Care

Our health care workers can provide expert care for whatever your medical needs are.


To protect against the spread of the coronavirus, we provide facemasks for our staff, vendors, patients, and visitors. We recommend their use at all times, and they are mandatory in all clinical and high-traffic areas.

Visitor Restrictions

To protect patients and staff, we're currently restricting visitors and volunteers at all UPMC facilities. Rare exceptions are made in special circumstances, such as end-of-life situations and when a visitor is necessary for the patient's care.

Entrance Screening

We screen all visitors, patients, and staff for COVID-19 at the entrance of our hospitals and other medical facilities. We ask a series of questions to determine possible exposure to COVID-19 and take a thermal body temperature of anyone entering the building.

Talk to your doctor about whether you may need an essential treatment at a UPMC facility. We continue to offer MyUPMC Video Visits for many levels of care, including primary care and specialist appointments.