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New Mental Health Crisis Hotline Launches; Local UPMC Crisis Facility Here to Help

A new three-digit number suicide prevention lifeline launched nationally on July 16. The phone number 9-8-8 is now in place to address suicidal, mental health, behavioral health or substance use disorder issues.

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app feature A new app called Connect2Care offers screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment services to help U.S. health care providers identify and treat individuals who may be at risk for substance use and mental health disorders. 
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stroke cell feature

Specific parts of the brain recognize complex cues in human vocal sounds that do not involve speech, such as crying, coughing or gasping—found researchers from the University of Pittsburgh. 

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white blood cell feature A unique subset of white blood cells confers fast-acting and lasting protection against ischemic stroke in mice, University of Pittsburgh neurologists and immunologists recently reported in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.Read More