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Inpatient Methadone Conversion

Women who have a history of substance use often don’t know here to go for help when they find out they are pregnant.

UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital accepts women at any point in their pregnancy, for any type of substance use. for recovery assistance. For those women suffering from opioid use disorder, women can be admitted 24/7 for methadone conversion. All women are welcome and encouraged to come to our emergency department and receive treatment the same day.

To be admitted into the program, a positive pregnancy test is required. While in the hospital, you’ll receive prenatal care, social services support, and the support of certified recovery specialist.

When you are in the emergency department, you will meet with a consultant from the Perinatal Addiction Consultation and Education Services (PACES) services. The consultant will help you consider your options and determine the right treatment program for you.

You may meet the eligibility requirements for Magee’s outpatient medicine-assisted treatment (MAT) program though the Pregnancy Recovery Center (PRC). If you are not eligible for the PRC program, you will be admitted for inpatient methadone conversion.

Methadone Conversion

If you are incarcerated or live in a rural area, you may only be eligible to receive methadone conversion because methadone is more readily available through community clinics and in correctional facilities. If you have polysubstance use disorder (use of more than one substance) or are a high-volume user, you may only be eligible for methadone conversion.

Methadone treatment requires a 72-hour inpatient admission to the hospital. The 72-hour inpatient stay involves an intense conversion therapy program during which you will not be allowed visitors. To support you during your stay, we provide certified recovery specialists who are mothers in recovery themselves and will be available for you. They understand what you are going through and are here to help you through your MAT program.

While you are admitted as a patient in the hospital, you will receive:

  • Medicine-assisted treatment (MAT) with methadone
  • Obstetrical services and prenatal care
  • Social services support from licensed social workers
  • Support from certified recovery specialists

After you are discharged, you will be connected with a local, federally licensed methadone treatment program* for ongoing therapy. You will need to go every day for your dosing. This daily schedule will help you become invested in and accountable for your own recovery. After six months, you may be eligible to receive a week’s worth of doses as you continue your recovery. If you accidentally miss your daily methadone dose at your community clinic, you may come to Magee’s emergency department to receive your dose.

*Magee is not affiliated with any specific methadone clinic and will work with any community clinic to transition a patient to her community upon discharge.

Contact Us

To be admitted for Inpatient methadone conversion, go to the emergency department at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital. For more information, please call 412-641-1211.