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Leadership at UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor

Our Leadership Team

  • Mandy Fauble, PhD, LCSW
    Executive Director
    Phone: 814-451-2225
  • Antonio Simora, DO
    Medical Director
  • Ann-Marie Bailey
    Blended Case Management Supervisor
    Phone: 814-451-2269
  • Elena Brenneman, CHC, LPC, CAADC
    Clinical Data Administrator
    Director of Regulatory Compliance

    Phone: 814-451-2286
  • Stacey Buettner, LCSW
    Director of Crisis Services
    Phone: 814-835-2961
  • Krista DeHaas
    Accounting Supervisor
    Phone: 814-451-2236
  • Amy Garner
    Executive Assistant 
    Phone: 814-451-2232
  • Bill Herlihy, MA
    Program Manager, Case Management
    Phone: 814-451-2319
  • Rebecca Hover, MBA
    Finance Manager
  • Melissa Mason, LPC
    Addiction Medicine Services, Clinical Supervisor
    Phone: 814-451-2230
  • Lisa May, PhD, LPC
    Clinical Psychologist
    Phone: 814-451-2373
  • Vicky Merski, LCSW
    Director of Clinical Services
    Phone: 814-451-2308
  • Jessianne Montie, LPC, CAADC
    Addiction Medicine Services Program Manager
    Phone: 814-451-2241
  • Mark Montroy, MA
    Blended Case Management Supervisor
    Phone: 814-451-2370
  • Angela Morton, MA
    Consortium Director, HRSA Implementation Grant
    Phone: 814-449-3089
  • Sherri Naylor, LPC
    Behavioral Health Therapy Supervisor
    Phone: 814-451-2247
  • Cheryl Roberts, RN-BC
    OP Nurse Coordinator
    Phone: 814-451-2226
  • Sharon Sandberg, LSW
    Crisis Residential Unit Program Manager
    Phone: 814-835-2953
  • Sue Sokolowski
    Medical Records and Privacy Officer
    Phone: 814-451-2303
  • Mark Storms, MS
    ISD Manager
    Phone: 814-451-2254
  • Aimee Voto, LCSW
    Director of Outpatient Therapy
    Phone: 814-451-2205
  • Keri Walker, LPC
    Supervisor, Behavioral Health Services – Early Onset for Psychosis Recovery
    Phone: 814-451-2248
  • Jennifer Young, DBH, LPC
    Behavioral Health Therapy Supervisor
    Phone: 814-451-2349