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Diversity and Inclusion

UPMC embraces diversity and inclusion as core values and commits to the recruitment and advancement of residents and fellows reflecting a multitude of:

  • Ethnicities
  • Races
  • Genders
  • Gender identities
  • Sexual orientations
  • Ages
  • Religions
  • Disabilities

Diversity is a strength that increases teamwork and innovation and it improves patient care.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

See the list below of diversity and inclusion-centered resources from UPMC and our affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. All of our clinical departmental leadership encourage and support diversity. To help this important mission, many programs have appointed Vice Chairs of Diversity and Inclusion. Let us know if we're missing any groups!


University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

UPMC Medical Education Diversity Mission

Our mission is to promote academic enrichment and create a climate committed to diversity, inclusion, and engagement for all trainees and faculty. 

Endorsing a diverse, fair, and inclusive culture is crucial to the success of our UPMC community by:

  • Achieving the best research
  • Improving teaching and learning outcomes
  • Promoting mentor and leadership development
  • Sustaining vital community partnerships
  • Providing comprehensive health care

Our Diversity Goals and Commitment

Our goals

To enhance a diverse and inclusive learning and workplace setting that values, respects, and cares for its members — especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

Our commitment

  • Recruiting, training, and retaining underrepresented minority physicians as residents, fellows, and faculty to serve our diverse community.
  • Enhancing the education and training to all residents, fellows, and faculty focused on building diversity awareness and sensitivity, improving cultural competencies, understanding gender identity, and fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment.
  • Building mentorship and support for all our trainees and faculty.
  • Cultivating a diverse climate and an institutional culture that include all members of our community from top leadership downward that respect individual differences and are conducive to the success of all residents, fellows, faculty, and staff.
  • Advocating for equity, multiculturalism, academic growth, and professional development.

Other Organizations