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Promoting Our Culture of Engagement: Inclusive Workplace

We are focused on creating an inclusive workplace that encourages collaboration, fosters employee engagement, and promotes healthy living.

The MyVoice survey is a way for employees to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about various aspects of their workplace experience. The survey is conducted every two years, and provides an opportunity for leaders to understand the employee experience at UPMC. Survey responses are confidential, and responses are measured through various indexes and indicators.

The Inclusion, Dignity & Respect, and Employee Engagement Indexes are individual measurements in the MyVoice survey. Each index is made up from specific questions relating to: inclusion, dignity & respect, and employee engagement, respectively. These measurements help to gauge how engaged employees are, and potential areas of opportunity in the workforce.

The employee experience is the sum of all interactions and events that an employee shares with UPMC, including department-level, business unit, and overall system engagements. The UPMC Experience Team has identified it as a top priority along with patient, health plan member, and community experiences. Each encounter influences an employee’s current and future state of engagement. Our goal is to ensure a meaningful experience by living the UPMC values, building trust, creating an inclusive and Just Culture, and promoting total rewards.

As a diverse, cross-functional team, representing multiple business units, we work towards that goal by facilitating a strategic range of programs and by participating in thoughtfully selected partnerships and teams.

Inclusive Workplace Initiatives

Dignity & Respect Initiatives

Dignity and Respect (D&R) initiatives focus on uniting under a shared belief that everyone deserves dignity and respect and encouraging behavioral and organizational change. Together, we are focused on making UPMC a better place for all to work — with all of our differences. Specific D&R initiatives include:

  • The 7 Pillars — an introduction to behaviors that help organizations create an environment of dignity, respect, and engagement
  • D&R Month — an annual opportunity to renew a commitment to dignity and respect
  • D&R Champions — recognition of individuals who lead the way
  • Systemwide D&R pledge drives that encourage employees to look at ways they can be a champion within their role and scope

Dignity & Respect is celebrated throughout the year, but January is designated as Dignity & Respect month, where employees who embody dignity and respect are celebrated and acknowledged. Every January, the Dignity & Respect Champions’ Breakfast is held to recognize employees who go above and beyond on the job, and exemplify what Dignity & Respect looks like in the workplace.

Learn more about Dignity and Respect at UPMC.

Leaders Speaker Series

The Leaders Speaker Series is a panel discussion featuring hospital presidents and Chief Officers within UPMC that provides an opportunity for executive leaders to share their personal diversity experiences and stories, as well as their thoughts on topical diversity-related issues. The series creates a forum that affords employees an opportunity to learn firsthand the impact of diversity on some of our organization’s most respected leaders.

Unconscious Bias Learning Forums

It is important to know that everyone is subject to unconscious biases. These biases can impact the way we serve as employees within the organization, as well as the decisions we make in ensuring the goals and strategies of our respective areas are achieved. The Center for Engagement and Inclusion has developed learning forums that examine the impact of unconscious biases within the workplace as it pertains to decision-making and best patient care practices. These forums have been integrated into our new employee orientation, annual mandatory learning, and they are offered as separate forums for the workforce.

Rotational Diversity Mentoring Program

This program was implemented to provide mentoring to supervisors and managers with diverse backgrounds, with a goal of developing and guiding their career opportunities within UPMC. Executive and senior leaders serve as mentors to he mentees selected as a part of the annual cohort. Resources will be provided to encourage thoughtful conversation and career development, as well as determining the next phase in one’s career within the organization.

52 For You

52 For You is an online tool that consists of 52 weeks of effective leadership tips that help managers foster a culture based upon the UPMC core values of Quality & Safety, Dignity & Respect, Caring & Listening, Responsibility & Integrity, and Excellence & Innovation.

Employee Appreciation Day

A systemwide day to recognize and celebrate all employees and the contributions they make, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every March. Activities include systemwide communications recognizing the important part all employees play at UPMC, and local locations facilitating a variety of activities focused on thanking employees, such as leadership rounding, luncheons, and distribution of tokens of appreciation.

Employee Experience Partnerships

The employee experience at UPMC drives strong employee engagement, retention, and performance.

The UPMC Employee Experience Committee provides a strategic, cohesive, system-wide framework where both staff and leaders collaborate to:

  • Enhance the employee experience
  • Further develop a positive, diverse, and inclusive culture that supports our organizational values
  • Improve employee engagement

Ambassadors from individual business-unit Employee Experience Committees assemble periodically at the system-wide level to support, acknowledge, and advance successful employee-experience practices.

Champions from various functional areas, such as Human Resources, the Center for Engagement and Inclusion, Nursing, and Communications (among others) provide ongoing consultation and support to the system-wide committee.

Additional Resources

Career Ladders

Career Ladders are designed to help employees understand the pathways to advancement and to offer professional development. The ladder is a merit-based advancement system whereby employees can be promoted based on their skill development and performance in their current roles. Our goal is to provide the framework for employees to succeed in their careers, with a focus on roles with a high percentage of diverse employees.

Diversity Legacy Product

The Diversity Legacy Product is a publication that captures UPMC’s history through the lens of diversity and inclusion. By gathering and preserving the background and history of diversity efforts at UPMC, we hope to inform future plans, highlight successes, learn from past mistakes, and gain a fresh perspective on both the distance we have come, as well as needed continued efforts. Dive into the Diversity Legacy Product.

Diversity Legacy Exhibit

The Diversity Legacy Exhibit serves as a companion to the Diversity Legacy Product, a publication capturing UPMC’s history through the lens of diversity and inclusion. The exhibit debuted at the Dignity & Respect Champions’ Breakfast, and has been on display at the UPMC Inclusion & Diversity Committee meetings, and other diversity events at UPMC. The exhibit highlights key aspects of the written publication, and will travel to UPMC events, facilities, and hospitals to highlight our diverse history and inform others about the diversity and inclusion agenda for the future.

Employee Volunteerism

We recognize the lasting impact we can make by serving our communities. In partnership with employees across the system, the Center for Engagement and Inclusion encourages employee participation by facilitating monthly Lend A Hand opportunities to donate items, volunteer time, or attend events. Service projects and donation drives enable employees to experience the rewards of giving back to the communities in which we all live and work. Lend A Hand barrels are located at UPMC facilities.

Workforce Development

In 2009, UPMC’s Center for Engagement and Inclusion launched the Workforce Development Initiative to collectively address community workforce needs throughout western Pennsylvania.

We established the following goals:

  • Explore the impact of health care industry trends on workforce needs
  • Improve community members’ employability in health care
  • Share community partner best practices
  • Create equitable access for community partners to opportunities at UPMC

Learn more about Workforce Development, managed through the UPMC Center for Engagement and Inclusion.