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Also part of the UPMC family:
$42 billion

Opportunity Within Reach

UPMC's impact on the region's economy nearly doubled in five years. 

Just like great medicine, a stronger economy changes lives. Every dollar directly spent by UPMC results in more than twice as much impact on the state's economy.

Economic Impact

Fueling the Region's Economy

UPMC invests in employees and patient care facilities...

UPMC Employees

UPMC is the largest nongovernmental employer in Pennsylvania, directly supporting more than 90,000 jobs  accounting for one in four hospital employees statewide.

50% Increase in Employees

State-of-the-Art Facilities

UPMC invested $865 million in capital expenditures in 2020 to help ensure our patients have access to modern facilities, equipment, and cutting-edge information technology.

Double the Spend
Mask Group

...which creates jobs for individuals and small businesses...

Creating Jobs

UPMC's spending creates jobs and has a stimulus effect that ripples through local economies, impacting local construction, manufacturing, supplies, deliveries and more.

Supporting Local Businesses

UPMC's supplier diversity initiative actively recruits and provides diverse businesses with equal access to procurement opportunities  $246 million in diversity spending in 2020. provide quality affordable health care for our communities.

Affordable Care

With UPMC Health Plan, consumers and the corporate community benefit from some of the lowest health insurance prices in the United States.



Supplier Diversity Spending




UPMC consistently ranks among the lowest-priced Silver exchange plans in the United States.