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Also part of the UPMC family:
UPMC Provides $509 Million for Charity Care and unreimbursed medicaid costs.

Care Within Reach

UPMC Contributes a Larger Than Expected Share of the Region's Charity Care

When families can't afford life-changing care, we step up. UPMC has a long history of offering generous financial assistance to families in need with incomes up to four times the federal poverty level — that's $106,000 for a family of four in 2021.

UPMC Cares for 18 percent
But provides more than one-quarter

UPMC provided $121 million in free or discounted health care to 20,000 patients in Fiscal Year 2020. UPMC calculates and reports its charity care costs each year according to Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The reported amounts are UPMC's actual costs, not the price or charges that would have been billed for care.

Extending a Helping Hand to the Most Vulnerable

UPMC clinicians provide subsidized care to low-income Medical Assistance patients  more than any other health system in Pennsylvania.

Unreimbursed Medical Assistance
Western Pennsylvania

Expanding the Programs That Bring Care Within Reach

UPMC Health Plan is among the nation's fastest-growing health plans, with 4 million members. It offers coverage to individual and group health plan members; seniors; and low-income individuals and families; as well as those with disabilities.

As the largest Medicaid behavioral health company in Pennsylvania, UPMC's Community Care Behavioral Health Organization manages behavioral health services for 1.2 million members in 41 counties.

UPMC for Kids, Pennsylvania's largest Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), puts health coverage within reach of uninsured children and teens, regardless of family income. In 2020, UPMC for Kids expanded to 16 additional counties across the Commonwealth to better serve the health care needs of children.

Three Growing Programs to Cultivate Community Wellness